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Strategic Coaching: In the Zone With Brian Orser

Published in International Figure Skating Magazine, April, 2016

The Complete Secret Sauce for Competition Success

What do Kori Ade, Marina Zoueva, Tom Zakrajsek, Phillip Mills, Jim Peterson, Audrey Weisiger, Yuka Sato and Paul Wylie have to say about competition readiness?

The Secret Sauce for Competition Success (Part 4)

Featuring:  Paul Wylie, Dave Diggle & David Benzel


Summary by Jimmie Santee

The Secret Sauce for Competition Success (Part 3)


Audrey Weisiger & Yuka Sato

The Secret Sauce for Competition Success (Part 2)


Tom Zakrajsek, Phillip Mills  &

Jim Peterson

The Secrect Sauce of Competition Success (Part 1)


Kori Ade and Marina Zoueva

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Is That A Skate Guard In Your Pocket or Are You Happy to See Me?
Interview With Merry Neitlich and Tom Zakrajsek



Merry Neitlich - A "Coach" for Figure Skating Coaches


By JoAnn Farris for

What's Up Orange County


Merry interviewed by What's Up Orange County talk show host Scott D. Stewart.

Listen to Merry Neitlich Radio Interview


By Doug Gfeller, The Coaching Perspective

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