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Landing Learning Theory on Ice


Land learning theory on ice by applying the proven techniques of master educators and proven learning theory to increase the rate and degree of learning by your athletes.

Increase Coaching Success Using the Secrets of Master Educators©


Imagine having easy-to-use learning theories in your arsenal of coaching techniques which will increase the speed with which skaters master skills, increase successful execution of elements, own more responsibility for their training, and transfer skills more readily to related elements. This training program and article tells you how.  Read Article


Teacher Expectations on Skater Achievement (TESA)©
The TESA training and article are based on the proven learning theory developed by Dr. Thomas L. Good, a professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. TESA helps coaches apply this proven learning theory about setting expectations for their athletes in order to increase the rate and degree of new skill acquisition and increased performance execution.  Read Article


Skaters Owning Responsibility
This article discusses how coaches and parents form a unified team to help skaters become responsible people in addition to becoming well-trained and focused skaters and competitors. Instilling positive change in our athletes takes time and a unified front imposing clear messages and expectations that reinforce and make change permanent.  Read Article


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