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Sara Robertson

Competition Figure Skating Coach

"Developing my own personal brand with Merry was a great experience. It  was fun to capture my skating history, my coaching goals and aspirations and tie them into a few paragraphs that captured what I truly stand for. Recently, by using the opening paragraph Merry wrote for my website as my online profile at my rink, I received 7 new potential skaters in less than two weeks. The families then went to my new website which enhanced these new and budding relationships."

David Raith

Executive Director, United States Figure Skating

"We increased the visibility of figure skating and the IJS for the 2010 Olympic Season, thanks in part to Merry's excellent work. With Merry guiding us, we contacted targeted media, figure skating fans and elite Olympic athletes to get their input on promoting our sport. Everyone was happy to cooperate and provide pertinent information and great ideas. Merry expertly analyzed the information and worked with us to develop our successful plan.” 


2010 PSA Annual Conference

Merry created and analyzed the Best Coaching Practices Survey rolled out in the elite coaches keynote panel at the 2010 Annual Conference. Along with Phillip Mills she  developed and presented  the seminar on Increasing Coaching Success: The Secrets of Master Educators in Colorado Springs at the 2010 PSA Annual Conference


Tom Zakrajsek

Olympic and World Figure Skating Coach

"A great time was had by all. Learning about communication skills enhanced team camaraderie. Through the I-SPEAK Your Language Program we learned a lot about each other and how to communicate more effectively with the members of our team.

Phillip Mills

Olympic and World Figure Skating Choreographer

"Merry is a talented communicator and marketer who skillfully combines her professional abilities with her passion for skating.  I worked with Merry to create Increasing Coaching Success:The Secrets of Master Educators, a 2010 PSA conference seminar. Attendees will readily see how Merry applies her extensive knowledge of learning theory and educational research to the teaching and choreographing of competitive figure skating. The new PSA program introduces proven techniques that coaches can easily incorporate into their own strong programs. The results can be more purposeful and effective coaching and more satisfied and successful skaters.




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