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Carve the winning edge on your coaching business using the proven educational research and techniques of master educators. Coaches know that skaters who see real progress on the ice challenge themselves to reach even higher levels of success. The coach's challenge is to keep that momentum going.


The Coach's Edge offers coaching professionals easily applied ideas and insights that will propel their skaters to new heights and boost their own careers to greater success. The results are dramatic. Skaters learn skills more quickly. They are motivated to accept more responsibility for their progress and are better prepared to advance to the next level of skating skills. Coaches enjoy enhanced success and credibility. They build valuable trust and loyalty with their skaters and their families that enhance their own professional momentum.


Developed by Merry Neitlich, a competitive figure skater and experienced marketing communicator and trainer, the Coach's Edge offers high-level consulting services in Branding, Custom Websites, Learning Theory and Communication Skills.


Contact us today to learn how the Coach's Edge can put the winning edge on your coaching business.


Strategic Coaching: In the Zone With Brian Orser


Published in International Figure Skating Magazine, April, 2016



Photo Credit; Susan Russell

Zakrajsek Continues His Passion for Life-Long Learning


As a life-long learner Tom Zakrajsek knows the value of increasing the effectiveness of his skaters’ communication skills.



Speaking on Branding at 2016 ISI/PSA Annual Conference

Las Vegas, NV June 1 - 4



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Complete Secret Sauce Ice Skating Competition Success

The recent FTC/PSA ruling on solicitation has become a reality. Coaches websites are more important than ever.

Secret Sauce - Audrey Weisiger

The Secret Sauce for Competition Success 



Audrey Weisiger, Yuka Sato

Kori Ade, Marina Zoueva, Tom Zakrajsek, Phillip Mills, Jim Peterson, and Paul Wylie



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