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Grow Your Business with a Clear Brand




Custom Website Design


Coaches having clearly branded websites that reflect their unique essence, coaching style and areas of expertise are a growing option to expand successful coaching practices. These websites can be as basic as an online brochure or as  complex as they need to be to reach the objectives of the site. Below are websites we have developed for four very different coaches and personalities. Each website has a different goal in mind based on individual personalities and business goals. Read Article

Slava Site.JPG

Sara Robertson's essence is that of a competition coach. She uses her years of show skating and national competitive successes to create her personal brand.

Visit Sara's website.

These days skating coaches across the country are thinking more and more about ways to grow their coaching practices. Two popular trends that may increase the probability of growing and sustaining successful coaching businesses include developing your personal brand, and creating websites that reflect your practice goals, areas of expertise, and personal brand.  

Read Help Grow Your Coaching Practice with a Strong Brand

Personal Branding

Everyone has a personal brand – you know – what others think about when they think of a particular person. Are they fun-loving? Grouchy? Strict? Intelligent? Thorough care about others? Have integrity? A coach’s interactions with everyone in and around the rink over time generates an individual’s personal brand. Think about the coaches in your rink. What are they known for? You too have a personal brand. Is it the brand message you want to be out there?  Read Article


Brand Your Business


Help buyers of your services and products understand what the experience will be like when visiting your rink, training center, participating in your programs or purchasing your products or services.  Why are some rinks and products magnets for developing a strong following? How is it that skaters and other users understand the uniqueness of these businesses and services?


Developing a clear brand helps users and customers become long-term, loyal and repeat clients. The brand development process will codify your distinctive essence and provide the marketing and business development tools to grow your business.

Examples of websites developed by The Coach's Edge.




Phillip Mills

World & Olympic Figure

Skating Choreographer

Tom Zakrajsek 

Olympic and World Figure

Skating Coach

Slava Site.JPG

Slava Zagorodnyuk

Technical Coach and Olympian

Sara Robertson

Competitive Coach

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